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Bike Transportion Charges & Shifting Procedure

  • Moving large distances may be stressful, but it doesn't have to be with the proper expertise. Blue Dart Packers & Movers specializes in the safe transportation of motorcycles throughout the nation. In this post, we'll walk you through the process of shifting from one place to another your bike, as well as the fees and processes you should anticipate along the way. Keep reading if you're seeking for a dependable solution to move your bike safely and securely!

How Should You Choose the Best Bike Transport Services in India?

  • Finding a reputable movers to transport your bike your bike to the destination is first step in bike transportation as cargo.

  • Choose a reputable bike transportation provider with necessary certification and paperwork.

  • Read their web reviews to learn about the quality of their service. Inquire about their transport policy and fees.

Blue Dart shifting services provides clear pricing with no hidden fees.

We are ISO 9001:2015 and IBA certified. Packers and movers with more than three decades of expertise. We provide door-to-door bike transportation and have our own cars as well as qualified workers to care for the bikes while they are in route.

Let's start with the verified and the best two wheelers transport company method now that we've reduced it down to one packer and mover.


Procedure for Transporting Bikes

Blue Dart Packers & Movers bike shipping technique is pretty basic and straightforward.

1. Simply complete out a "Get a Free Quote" form on our website with all of the necessary information, such as your name, address, contact number, and so on.

2. Once we get your form, our executive will contact you to discuss the bike type and provide you with an estimated pricing based on weight and distance. Once you're pleased, they'll plan a pickup day and time that works for you.

3. On the day of collection, our crew will arrive at your specified home and complete all necessary paperwork.

4. Our skilled crew will pack and load your bike with care to guarantee a scratch-free safe delivery.

5. Your bike will arrive safely and on schedule.


Calculator for Bike Transport Cost

Any long-distance relocation will incur certain expenses.


Here's how packers and movers compute Bike transport charges:


Factors that Influencing Bike Transport in Inida Cost

1. The Bike's Weight

The size and weight of your bike are the first things to consider. These two variables will have the most influence on your delivery expenses. The higher the transportation expense, the heavier the bike.

2. The distance between the two points

Another crucial consideration is the length of your relocation. If you're simply travelling a short distance, you'll pay less.

3. Packing Excellence

Packers and movers utilise the finest packaging materials and all essential equipment to carry your bike securely, regardless of distance.

4. Service type provided

Finally, you must choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal service. The cost of door-to-door service is more, but it is also more convenient. This option has your bike picked up from your house and delivered to your new location. Although terminal-to-terminal service is less costly, you must drop off and pick up your bike at a certain place.

Blue Dart Packers And Movers provide clear pricing and cost-effective transportation services. Contact us now for a free estimate on your shipment!


Why Should You Use Blue Dart Packers And Movers for Bike Transportation in India?

Blue Dart Packers And Movers, one of India's premier packers and movers, provides the finest bike transportation services.

There are various reasons why you should choose Blue Dart Packers And Movers to transfer your bike:

  1. We have a team of skilled specialists that can manage all element of bike transportation, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking.

  2. We provide door-to-door delivery to ensure that your bike arrives securely and on schedule.

  3. We have a countrywide network of branches and affiliates, so we can bring your bike to your door anywhere in India.

  4. We provide reasonable charges for our services, so you can be certain that you are getting good value for your money.

  5. Blue Dart Packers & Movers, with over 37 years of experience, is one of India's biggest and most experienced packers and movers.

Blue Dart Packers And Movers may be the best solution for you if you are seeking for a dependable, competent, and reasonably priced bike packers and movers .


 The Advantages of Hiring the best Bike Transport Company

Hiring expert bike shifting and transporting services has a lot of advantages. You will have piece of mind if you are looking for to move your bike/two-wheeler with a competent bike transport companies in India. Experts will safely pack your bike and provide door pickup and delivery services. There will be less risks of damage since they are specialists who understand how to safeguard the bike and other belongings when transporting them from one location to another. If you book bike transport services via our platform, you will get the following advantages.

Proper packaging and wrapping of your two wheeler to prevent damage and scratches

Transportation is provided by specifically constructed two wheeler carriers and vehicles.

On-time delivery of your two wheeler to your desired location

• Save time and energy by having specialists do the assignment for you.


How to Hire a Bike Transport in India

There are many expert bike packers and movers in India that can provide you with the necessary services for transporting your bike . To reduce the possibility of having a bad experience, it is important to employ the proper and trustworthy person. If you want to use economical but high-quality bike shifting services, you may rely on Blue Dart Packers & Movers. We will never let you down. We are dedicated to provide you with the greatest shifting and moving experience possible. This is why we have partnered with some of the most reputable local firms that provide superior moving and transportation services. Using Blue Dart Packers Movers to book the finest and most reputable moving company for bike shipping service is incredibly simple, safe, and hassle-free. This platform allows you to choose and book the finest bike transport service in minutes. We will show you how to schedule the finest bike transport service at an inexpensive and reasonable price.


How Can I Obtain Bike Transport Services by Train?

If bike transportation was done by rail, it would become incredibly simple and cost effective. When compared to the other solutions on the market, this is the cheapest and safest. Trains are effective in providing safe and quick delivery services. Because Indian Railways has the greatest network and is government-owned.

If you want bike transport services via train, you will need the following documentation.

  • Identification granted by the government.

  • The bike's registration certificate.

  • Copy of bike insurance paperwork

  • Ticket for reservation booking

The First Steps of Bike Parcel Services By Train

  1. First, ride your bike to the train station.

  2. Then go to the parcel office at the train station.

  3. Remember to bring both the original copy of the paperwork. You will now be required to provide a copy of the papers.

  4. After submitting the papers, you must now pack your vehicle in accordance with Indian Railways. You may either do it yourself or pay someone to pack your bike for you.

  5. Be cautious while selecting agencies. Agents are not employees of the Indian railroads. Charges or fees for bike transfers by rail are likewise not defined. However, the minimum fee is Rs 300.

  6. You must now complete the package booking. While filling out the form, double-check the engine & chassis numbers.

  7. After completing the form, you must pay the bike package costs and obtain the parcel booking receipt. Keep the receipt with you at all times. Your bike will not be delivered until you provide this receipt.

  8. You may also mark certain identifying locations on your bike so that the bike courier service or packaging your bike upon delivery can readily recognize it.

  9. Your job is complete. Rail authorities will now select when to convey the bike package, whether to charge for bike transit by rail or bike transfer by train, and which train to deliver the cargo on.

  10. When the bike arrives in the destination city warehouse station, you must travel to the warehouse station with the receipt to accept delivery of the bike package. If you are more than 48 hours late, you must pay a fine or additional fees for bike courier service.

Procedure for Transporting a Bike Parcel by Train as Luggage/Parcel

Transporting your automobile is no longer as difficult as it once was, as you just need to follow a few basic procedures. You can simply find the top baggage parcel services for bike parcel to guarantee that it is done correctly.

You may locate a reputable firm that will appreciate your bike shipment and guarantee that it is handled with care. With the quality services provided by the top auto movers, you can not only save money but also time.


How can I send a bike by rail as a parcel?

When you start looking for ways to Bike Parcel by Train, you just need to follow a few basic steps. The specialists guarantee that you will obtain low-cost transportation and that it will be done quickly. Along with low charges, you can be certain that it is the most effective means of moving your scooter by rail in India. To provide the greatest outcomes, every work will be completed properly.

The initial steps in contacting a professional firm

  • Discuss all aspects of bike shipment.

  • Learn about bike parcel cost.

  • Contract format with professionals

  • Allow the pros to handle the task.

How can I transport my bike by rail as luggage?

If you want to learn how to Bike Parcel by rail as baggage, then follow these easy instructions. It will guarantee that you don't make any errors and that you obtain the greatest bike courier service outcomes.

  • Use a professional bike transport service.

  • The specialists will arrive on time to take up bike.

  • Packing bike to prevent damage

  • completing bike transportation papers

  • removing the petrol from bike in order to bring it to the station

  • Transportation from the station to your ultimate destination.

  • Fees for Bike Parcel and Bike Parcel by Train

It is critical to realize that Bike Parcel Fees and bike parcel by rail prices will vary depending on several factors. The packaging or porter costs would be roughly Rs. 300. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the size and weight of bike.

If you purchase insurance, the value bike will also be considered. There would be a price announcement of Rs. 10000 with no further expenses. There will be an extra 1% Bike Parcel by Train Charges on the reported worth of bike beyond this amount.


Indian Railways Bike Parcel Policy

When you get bike package services through rail, you must adhere to all property restrictions and regulations. The Indian railway requirements for bike parcels are unquestionably stringent.

  1. Always have a couple of copies of the essential papers on hand.

  2. Provide the necessary details for bike shipment.

  3. Keep the baggage receipt to prevent problems.

  4. There should be no petrol in the two wheeler.

It's for safety and other reasons. As a result, you must ensure that you are aware of all of these factors. To prevent complications with the Indian Railway, you must strictly adhere to Bike Transport by Train requirements. It will guarantee that you have a stress-free bike shifting experience in India. The Indian railway bike cargo will be charged at the authorized rates for the train that will convey it. The cost of bike transportation shifting to be determined by distance and weight. The Indian Railway is one of the most essential ways of transportation for transporting cargo or products. One of the parcel services supplied by Indian Railways that is less expensive than other parcel services is two-wheeler transportation. It is one of the most popular methods of transporting a bike from one location to another. You can have a lot of questions when it comes to transporting a two-wheeler vehicle by rail. Blue Dart Packers And Movers is one of the greatest places to get costs for Indian railroads automobile shipping. If want to save money while relocating your automobile, verified bike transport by train or bike transport in train from India railroads is the best option.


Blue Dart  Bike transport Service

100% Government Certified & IBA APPROVED

We Blue Dart Packers And Movers; 100% government certified & IBA APPOVED company. We registered our company with full documentary verification, which help our customers to make trust on us.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certifications is represent us to a genuine Relocation company across the country.

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